Achieve your running goal with bespoke and individualised online run coaching. A plan tailored to fit you and your lifestyle. Take the guess work away and train smartly to achieve your goal.  

Monthly Coaching – at the initial consultation, in person, by phone, FaceTime or Skype, we discuss your lifetime running history and your recent training. You tell me about your work / life balance and how much time you have to train. We also discuss your goals and importantly whether or not they are realistic. I will then produce a week by week plan that is personal to you, your lifestyle and your current fitness level. Regular two way contact and feedback from you ensures that any unexpected issues can be factored in and your plan adapted accordingly. There will be no more junk miles and every session will have a purpose

1-2-1 run sessions – available to assist the practical understanding of pace and pacing, subject to locality, either as part of monthly coaching or stand alone

1-2-1 theory consultations – available to help with planning & structure, pace, pacing and fuelling, either as part of monthly coaching or stand alone. In person or by phone, FaceTime or Skype.


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