Lauren Warner


After successfully completing two marathons in 2016 – Brighton and Richmond, I set myself a goal of running an ultramarathon. I signed up to the Downslink 38 mile running race, which took place in October 2017. I sought Jan’s advice on how best to approach my training.

Jan met with me and discussed the initial plan she would put together. We went through my existing training and some recent race results to help her benchmark my pace and timings. We also chatted through my approach to nutrition, particularly in the way of fuelling for longer runs.

The variety of runs included in my plan really spiced up my training and the regular benchmarking runs such as completing a Parkrun stopped me from getting bored. Jan helped me to change my thought process when it came to running and taught me to think about running for time opposed to mileage. This change in behaviour led to an achievable training plan, coupled with each training run being tackled with a fresh and positive frame of mind.

Jan’s endless enthusiasm, limitless knowledge and reliable 24/7 support played an invaluable part to my successful Downslink run. I completed the run in 7 hours 43 minutes and I was the 16th fastest female to finish. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without #Janplan.

I am so unbelievably grateful for Jan’s support. She kept me motivated and focused throughout the whole training period and I just hope I’ve made her proud!

Thanks Jan – you’re brilliant.


Steve Roberts

I was lucky enough to get a late place for 2017 London Marathon. I was really excited about this but also a little worried as I only 9 weeks to the race. My running fitness was pretty good but I had no training plan for a road marathon. Jan Lavis has helped me with some coaching before, returning to running following a back operation a couple of years ago. Jan has particular experience around marathon training as she is a multiple marathon runner herself. I knew she would be able to help me to get to the start line at London.

Jan met with me & discussed the beginnings of a plan. We discussed my existing training & some recent race results. Jan used these details to build me a plan based on specific paces for different distances. Her focus on my paces & her accuracy in forecasting paces I could run at for 5k, 10k, half marathon & ultimately at marathon distance was phenomenal.  Jan helped me to build all my training using the pace information & we agreed a fairly condensed but very achievable plan that I could work around my work & home life.

Jan kept in very regular contact with me across the 8 weeks training plan she devised & frequently evaluated & amended my plan as I progressed. Jan also helped me to look at my nutrition & hydration needs whilst training & racing. I was able to complete my training plan & also raced at a number of events in the build-up to the marathon. Jan’s support & advice gave me great confidence & I really enjoyed the structured programme & getting some unexpectedly good results at a number of races.

On 23rd April I ran London Marathon. My target was to run under 4 hours & I managed this with a minute to spare. I was over the moon & am so grateful to Jan for her brilliant support, which undoubtedly enabled me to have a great run & to get the time I wanted & had properly trained for. One of the great things is that I have learnt so much & can take this forward to help me in my future running & racing.


Clare Kenward

After setting myself a goal of running a marathon I signed up for the New York Marathon 2016.

I sought Jan’s advice on how best to approach my training. Together we identified how many times a week I could commit to training balanced around my full time shift pattern and family commitments. Jan noted previous running history including parkrun times and a recent half marathon. This personalised approach really helped as generic plans tend to dictate a long run every Sunday which was not achievable for me. In fact Jan does not consider a long weekly run necessary.

With a 26 week lead in time until the big day Jan set to work drip feeding the interactive plan to me in two week chunks. This worked fantastically for me as had I looked forward too far I might have freaked out at what was coming! Also, I could feed back on each session so the plan could be adapted to suit my needs.

Every mile I ran had a purpose, at times some looked beyond my ability but Jan assured me that the calculations and formulas that she was using were well researched and that the science said they were entirely achievable targets. She was right, I even set a 10k pb. My confidence grew and grew.

As the day approached I was really nervous but knew that I was well prepared, Jan had instilled so much confidence in me.

Working with structured training has been a pleasure, I have not only completed a marathon but beyond my own expectations (although to be fair Jan did tell me that it was more than achievable) I completed my first marathon in sub 4 hours.

On the journey I have learnt so much about running and my own potential. I’m looking forward to using this knowledge in my future training.


Jason Thackeray

Image 21-04-2016 at 09.28

Brighton Marathon 2016

I contacted Jan on recommendation as I was running the 2016 Brighton Marathon. It was my first marathon and, originally I just wanted to get round, ideally in under four and a half hours.

Jan created a plan that fitted exactly round a busy work life and my two young kids and tailored my plan so that I quickly but safely built up speed and endurance. I was also entered in the Brighton Half and this was taken in to account.

I finished the marathon in 4.00.05 just five seconds off sub four for my first ever go. During training I also broke my 5K PB and ran 1 hour 46 for the Brighton Half, faster than I ever thought I’d go.

What’s more training has been fun, interactive and challenging. You definitely need a #janplan if you’re considering a long distance race.


Sharona Harrington


Downslink Ultra 38 Miles

I started 2014 with a series of injuries which wasn’t great so I decided to take up a #Janplan by Jan Lavis.  Jan started by asking how many times a week I wanted to run and how much cross training I do, what my marathon PB and 5k times were. On coming back from injury, I was running too fast, too soon and Jan’s advice was to slow down and build a good base fitness with no speed. This meant Just 30 minutes,  3 times a week to start. I stayed injury free and as the weeks followed, Jan introduced some more distance, speed, fartlek, pick-ups, tempo runs and increased strides.

Jan offered advise all the way through the plan, on training, fuelling, kit and events leading up to the main day and also adapted my plan according to progress and feedback.

The plan worked really we’ll for me and fitted around my lifestyle. Having the plan took the worry out of the race and enabled me to focus on training.  This was my first ultra and I was confident that I would complete it with the training I had done. I managed to complete the Downslink Ultra 38miles in just under 6 hours and was the 3rd lady home. I was made up with the result. I am now looking forward to starting a new  plan for a PB at the Brighton Marathon in 2015.


Hannah Brett


I signed up for the Brighton Marathon 2014 with no real clue on how I’d actually be able to run 26.2 miles. I knew marathon training consisted of long runs increasing in mileage but that’s about it! Without my #Janplan I’d have been lost and I certainly wouldn’t have been able to say that I not only completed my first marathon in a respectable time but I actually ran every one of those 26 miles.

Jan created a unique plan to suit me. It took into account how much time I could feasibly dedicate to training, my fitness levels and included enough variety for me not to get bored or disinterested. Obviously training for my first marathon became a huge focus in my life, my thanks to my #Janplan it didn’t take over my life. I was able to enjoy the training and enjoy the event. For me, that’s the key – because my #Janplan was realistic, it was sustainable. The plan slotted into my life so easily and got me the results I wanted, that I reached the end of my plan wanting another one.

The best part of the #Janplan is Jan herself. Jan wants to see you achieve your goals and wants you to enjoy getting there. Her endless patience and motivation really drove to me to keep training and keep focused, not just for myself but to make her proud on race day too. I’m massively grateful for all Jan’s help and support. I definitely wouldn’t keep seeing improvement beyond that first marathon and be getting more and more new PBs without her. Thanks, Jan! Bring on the next #Janplan…


Carrie Kwasniewski


Absolutely loved the #Janplan. Tailor made to fit around my shifts my plan got me ready for a marathon in just nine weeks. The variety of runs spiced up my training, stopping me from getting bored. With expert advice on hand to answer any questions, offer advice and encouragement I was running faster, harder and stronger than ever before. So much so I hit a PB for my half marathon in training. As I got faster it was easy for the #Janplan to be adapted and tweaked to keep pushing me. It was great to have a group of like-minded people to talk to about training runs, experiences and tips. As race day approached #Janplan offered help with nutrition and tapering. If you want an easy to follow, no nonsense training plan then this is for you.


Nick Dawson


Initially, I was training for Brighton Marathon 2014 which would have been my 3rd marathon.  However, due to a little over excitement I found I’d also entered the Steyning Stinger Marathon which was 5 weeks beforehand, so I felt I needed a bit of advice on the how to get the best out of both of them. 

The #Janplan was to run 4 days a week.  Weds night was club night, so there would be some kind of effort there, and two other runs in the week would either be tempo, fartlek or interval work. The time spent on the effort, built up gradually over the 12 weeks I had before Brighton. At weekends my “long” run would be two weeks of a moderate distance at a steady pace, and the third weekend was a long run. I really noticed a difference in my stamina and speed the more of the fast sessions I did. I found that I was also spending less time pounding the pavements during the week but reaping the benefits.  It made me push myself harder on runs where I would not have dreamed of doing that in the past, as I knew they were short bursts, which were manageable.  I think it really helped me to have the coaching aspect of using the plan, as I would update it after my runs and Jan would give me feedback, and tweak things where she saw fit. It also helps having someone to answer to!


Emma Buckland

I love running but felt that I wasn’t running to my full potential and wanted to know whether I could be a better runner, so asked Jan to produce a plan to take me up to Edinburgh Marathon 2015. My running buddy, Liz and I were running three times a week and I managed one more session on my own. I was really concerned, as a mother of two young boys and working almost full time, that I wouldn’t have time to take on a #janplan and that I wouldn’t improve, but the plan Jan produced was tailored to fit around my life. What Jan did, was tell me that it wasn’t about running every hour in the day, but that there would be no more “empty miles” and she was absolutely right. Each run had a purpose whether it was speed work, hills or an easy long trail run.

Jan produces intelligent plans that she tweaks continually depending on how you’re running. She gave me the tools I needed, including the confidence, to run faster and stronger and as a result I achieved a PB at Edinburgh.