Alison Rice
At the age of 56, having never run even a 5k before, I finished the London Marathon (2021) thanks to Jan’s fabulous support. Jan has run so many marathons, has infinite experience and huge amounts of experience. She provided a bespoke training schedule schedule for me to suit my age, injuries (unfortunately) and experience, gave constant feedback and and encouragement and was key to  my getting over the finish line. I can’t recommend her highly enough
December 2021

Matthew Cawthra
I started off as a pretty average runner with a pretty hopeless approach to running. Any sort of training just consisted of going for a run and legging it round for as long as possible. As a result I would never get to a marathon start line fit, let alone be able to run the thing properly. I had a PB of 4:16:19, which was pretty shocking for someone who could run 1:40 half marathons pretty comfortably.

Jan completely transformed my approach to running, from pacing, fuelling and learning that ‘easy’ runs needed to be ‘easy’. After a couple of false starts with fitness (with some pretty freak injuries), lockdown gave me the chance to get into a proper stretching routine and get back into running properly. I set the target of a September marathon and went straight to Jan to help me with a plan. With 16 weeks of fitness, Jan turned that 4:16:19 into a 3:16:18, and that was on quite a windy day at Goodwood!

I’ve moved away from running and towards triathlon for a year, but I fully expect to start thinking about a sub 3 hour marathon at some point – and Jan will 100% be my first point of call!
October 2020

Ruth Farnell
What began as a 4 month stint to help me get ready for marathon #3 has turned into nearly 2 year’s  of marathon training planning with Jan.  I started with her originally to help me get my act together because I didn’t know really what I was doing with marathon training and I found there was too much contradictory information out there.

Jan rapidly sorted out the wheat from the chaff for me. She gets the plan sorted to fit around your goals and helps you set realistic targets to achieve them. For myself , I work a lot away from home and often have to train on my own in odd situations when I am very busy, but having Jan’s plan means
I just have to read it and do it without worrying and I can cut out all the chatter. Like most people my training has to be fun because it’s a serious hobby that has to be a relief from work  and Jan’s training plans work out like that. Jan varies the plan through the inevitable work/illness/life/injury getting in the way

This year my challenge was to run 12 marathons in a year and I have managed to do it in 7 months with Jan’s support as well as getting a GFA that got me into Boston  Marathon which was another bucket list item. Bring on the ultras next year and Jan will sort that too I am sure.
November 2019

Martine Rossiter
I have been coached by Jan for about 12 months now and can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made. Although I was what some people might call an experienced runner, I felt somewhat unaccomplished and I had some big goals I wanted to achieve.

Thanks to Jan and her excellent knowledge, experience and fantastic support, I have successfully achieved my goals across all distances but more importantly, I have completely changed my outlook on running and have learned so much about myself as a runner. This lady knows what she’s talking about and I want to thank her for believing in me when i didn’t believe in myself.
November 2019

Sarah Price
I was fortunate enough to come across Jan’s website online in November 2018 when looking for a coach. I’d been successful in getting a lottery place in the Grand Union Canal Race in May 2019 and was feeling very daunted by the challenge ahead! With a demanding full time job and a young daughter I knew that my training time would be limited. I’d always been self-coached in the past and my training lacked structure and variety. I also had an issue with self-confidence and committing to pushing myself properly in races.

I worked with Jan through the early months in 2019, building up to the South Downs Way 50, my first 50 miler, in April 2019, via a couple of B races. It became obvious very quickly that working with Jan was transforming my running. I was gaining confidence, taking recovery seriously, and finding gears I didn’t know I had. I was enjoying speedwork for the first time ever and ran a parkrun PB of 21:31, and a half marathon PB at Worthing, in February 2019. I ran 9:08 for the South Downs Way 50, coming in 12th female, way ahead of my own expectations. Jan saw me through a post-race injury and perfectly balanced my recovery with some final ‘top-up’ training for GUCR. The result was that I hit the start line for the GUCR feeling in the shape of my life. I had a fantastic run, finishing the race on my first attempt (and first go at any distance over 50 miles) in 37 hours and 40 minutes, coming in 3rd female. Jan was by my side in the final build up to the race, and literally next to me for the final 25 miles, encouraging me and gently pushing me to find my limit. There is no doubt in my mind that I could not have done it without her.

Jan is a brilliant coach: knowledgeable, supportive and understanding that running has to work with life, not dominate it. Her method of mixing online coaching with face to face meetings and texts/emails works perfectly. If you are considering working with a coach, do it! There is so much to be gained and you won’t do better than a #janplan.
June 2019

Chris Cocum
I decided to seek coaching after underachieving in a couple of races and a plateau in my training. Jan leapt out to me as a great choice due to her massively varied experience and preference for regular phone/face to face meets, if desired. She is super friendly and always quick to help you out at any time with any questions or queries.

Jan’s knowledge and sincere interest in your goals comes through in every conversation. Her mature and adaptable approach to planning has helped me avoid issues I have encountered in the past, such as over-training and trying to overcompensate for missed sessions. Jan is very good at planning training around your everyday life and has on a number of occasions taken advantage of unique conditions I encountered on trips abroad. These have been a great way to mix up the training and keep it varied and interesting.

I have, so far, trained with Jan for the Marathon des Sables, a multi stage desert race in the Sahara. Jan guided me with a thorough, well thought out plan which led to a result I wouldn’t have thought possible, 3rd (non-pro) British male and 28th/800 overall! Notwithstanding the actual training, Jan was very forthcoming with a wide spectrum of advice from blister prevention, to nutrition, to race pacing. Next stop with Jan is a fast road marathon…I can’t wait!
April 2019

Nick Dawson
I can honestly say that training with Jan has transformed my running. From a pretty clueless runner, she has taught me how to pace, fuel and train efficiently. As well as, changing the whole the plan after I forgot to sign up to the goal marathon and helping me fix a humongous blood blister! The thing which sets Jan apart from any other coaches is her personalisation. She will meet if needed, she picks you up when you’re not feeling it and will make sure you don’t train yourself to injury.  If you’re thinking about getting coaching from Jan, just do it.
April 2019

PBs pre Jan and self-coaching;
5k – 19.33
Half Marathon – 1:32
Marathon – 3.28

PBs after coaching to run a sub 3 marathon, from Jan;
5k – 17.00
Half Marathon – 1:25:20
Marathon – 2.52.40

Ali Carter
I decided I needed a change after plateauing during my training and racing from purely being ‘self-coached’ and Jan came highly recommended from a friend. From first meeting, Jan she made me feel hopeful and positive about where I could take my running in the future, and gave me some new and exciting goals to focus on.

The structure of the training has been a huge help, having the accountability factor has helped me stay on track during a training block, and mixed in with the support over text and face to face has given me the confidence to believe I can run faster and further than I believed!

I have suffered from feeling very anxious over racing, and setting too higher expectations on myself, which in the past has prevented me from racing and even pulling out of races at the last minute. Jan provided me with the confidence building tools to overcome these worries, and all of the psychological support and advice has helped me overcome these worries completely and I now feel excited about the thought of racing, compared to dreading it. Having regular face to face meetings has helped enormously in regards to this and even things as small as a ‘good luck, you can do this’ text the day of the race makes all the difference.

Having an interesting and varied training plan has been a huge help. In previous years I have always been very ‘stuck in my ways’ regarding my training runs, but a different approach is exactly what I needed to improve and enjoy my running again.

From a performance perspective I have improved my 5k time to 00:18:41 and my 10k time down to 00:38:52 which is something I never believed I could achieve, so I am very optimistic and excited about what the future will hold. Thanks very much Jan, bring on 2019!!                                                                                                     November 2018

Graham Kenward
I enjoy running but I wasn’t really going anywhere with it until I began working with Jan and signed up for the Bournemouth Marathon. As others have said here, Jan was quickly able to put together a tailor made plan that fitted around my family and work commitments, and which made the best use of the time that I had available. There was plenty of variation between each session and this helped to give me a sense of purpose about my running. Working with Jan provided all the motivation that I needed to improve.

Something that I really enjoyed was the complete freedom over where I ran and this, coupled with my new found enthusiasm, led me to discover many new trails and tracks along the way. I have many fond memories of a summer spent running along the likes of the Downs Link, Forest Way, seafront proms and the South Downs to name a few. It was all so much better than setting off on just another jog around the streets of Haywards Heath without a specific goal in mind.

I don’t run with any gadget so it’s much harder to accurately work out the pace I’m running at but Jan got me running to various levels of effort instead and this helped me think more about the work my body is doing while I run. I’m sure this was another factor in helping me improve. Jan also got me to do various events so we had some benchmark times to work with and I set new personal best times for 5K (ParkRun), 10K and Half Marathon along the way. Things didn’t go quite to plan when I got to Bournemouth though and I did have to dig in deep to get over the finish line. However, Jan had taught me to have confidence in myself and the training that I had done. To cut a long story short, she was absolutely right and I couldn’t be happier.

On a personal level, I found working with Jan was a pleasure. She was quick to provide feedback and answer any questions. Her motivational skills are second to none and I know that I couldn’t have done it without her. Thank you Jan.
October 2018

Lynn Warner
As a motivation challenge I signed up for a 28k run but needed guidance with a training plan . My go to was Jan who came highly recommended. Jan was a massive help to me with getting to grips with different paces and converted me to running to time opposed to miles . Training runs were always a mix of different runs , paces , distances , never boring and I enjoyed them . Jan was always at the end of phone and her advice is invaluable whether it’s running , fuelling, nutrition, motivation you can ask anything. Jan suggested I did a couple of park runs which I thoroughly enjoyed and gained even more confidence as my times improved . The 28k challenge went really well and was surprised how much I enjoyed it , Jan’s timings were spot on. When I decide on my next challenge…. Jan expect a call from me.
September 2018

Sharon Potter
I started working with Jan in May this year after I injured my knee on the SDW50 and had to retire at mile 35. I had been running a lot but wasn’t improving as I felt I should be. I knew I needed to change what I was dong but didn’t know how. I met Jan and explained what I wanted to do and she quickly built me a plan that fitted in around my lifestyle and other commitments. Initially I thought the paces were too quick but I soon worked my way towards them. The training hasn’t always been easy but it has certainly been manageable and although I have been pushed it has always been within my capabilities. Jan has a lot of experience of knowing what I am capable of- even when I don’t!

My running has improved enormously under Jan’s guidance and I have achieved 5k and 10k PB’s this summer despite not training for these distances.  I ran my planned race last Saturday- the Chiltern Wonderland 50 and had an amazing run. Everything went to plan. I had plenty of energy throughout and was able to run the whole race (hills allowing!) and this meant I overtook a lot of runners in the last few miles who were having to walk.  Jan’s plan worked! I could have carried on running as I still felt strong at the end.

It has been great working with Jan and she is very responsive to my texts and comments on the online plan. We have met a couple of times in person and we are now planning my 2019 adventures!!
September 2018

Lauren Warner
I’ve sought Jan’s advice twice now – once for the Downslink ultramarathon and more recently for the London 2 Brighton ultramarathon. Both times Jan has been flawless in her coaching ability.

Together we identified how many times a week I could commit to training balanced around my busy work life. Quickly I was able to build up my speed and endurance ahead of race day. Training was fun, never boring or repetitive, but always challenging.

During my plan Jan was quick to pick up on that fact that my tempo runs were producing slower than expected run times. She advised that I partake in a Parkrun as a way of benchmarking. This I did and it turned out I had been running my tempo runs too slow! Jan was always at the end of the phone, especially when pre-race nerves struck. She’s confident in the advice she gives, which instils a level of confidence in you as the runner. If you’re thinking of signing up to Janplan – do it now! You won’t regret it – Jan is bloody brilliant!
May 2018

Helen Pratt
As I had signed up for the 2018 Brighton marathon I decided I needed to do it properly and not just do ‘sketchy’ training. Jan had already given me a plan to get me through the Downslink Ultra which I managed to finish within cut off.  I decided to ask her to continue her plan for Brighton. All I wanted to do was to do it comfortably get just under 5 hours. The plan was great and easy to follow. It gave me a purpose to my runs rather than just ‘run’. It gave me discipline to making me go out to train rather than find an excuse not to.

It has made me think about different paces. Starting easy then taking things faster  but always bringing it back down again. The training was varied. Sometimes shorter in time and sometimes longer but never a mile after mile slog, week after week. The individual plans mean Jan can work around life style and work load and there is a degree of flexibility. Gradually my times in park runs and the half marathons this year have got faster. Each time my plan was tweaked giving me slightly faster paces to work to. Jan gives great advice on nutrition, fuelling and hydration too.

Race day arrived. All the numbers were saying I should be aiming around 4hours 30. Jan suggested I ran close to the 4.30 pacer. I struggled with this, but I had learned to trust the plan and tried my hardest to believe it. The result was 4hours 35mins. A 10 minute PB. My last pb was 5 years ago and in 31 marathons, this was the only one I have ever completely run. No stopping and no walking. I ran the whole way. The Jan plan definitely works.
April 2018

Steve Roberts
I was lucky enough to get a late place for 2017 London Marathon. I was really excited about this but also a little worried as I only 9 weeks to the race. My running fitness was pretty good but I had no training plan for a road marathon. Jan Lavis has helped me with some coaching before, returning to running following a back operation a couple of years ago. Jan has particular experience around marathon training as she is a multiple marathon runner herself. I knew she would be able to help me to get to the start line at London.

Jan met with me & discussed the beginnings of a plan. We discussed my existing training & some recent race results. Jan used these details to build me a plan based on specific paces for different distances. Her focus on my paces & her accuracy in forecasting paces I could run at for 5k, 10k, half marathon & ultimately at marathon distance was phenomenal.  Jan helped me to build all my training using the pace information & we agreed a fairly condensed but very achievable plan that I could work around my work & home life.

Jan kept in very regular contact with me across the 8 weeks training plan she devised & frequently evaluated & amended my plan as I progressed. Jan also helped me to look at my nutrition & hydration needs whilst training & racing. I was able to complete my training plan & also raced at a number of events in the build-up to the marathon. Jan’s support & advice gave me great confidence & I really enjoyed the structured programme & getting some unexpectedly good results at a number of races.

On 23rd April I ran London Marathon. My target was to run under 4 hours & I managed this with a minute to spare. I was over the moon & am so grateful to Jan for her brilliant support, which undoubtedly enabled me to have a great run & to get the time I wanted & had properly trained for. One of the great things is that I have learnt so much & can take this forward to help me in my future running & racing.
April 2018

Clare Kenward
After setting myself a goal of running a marathon I signed up for the New York Marathon 2016.

I sought Jan’s advice on how best to approach my training. Together we identified how many times a week I could commit to training balanced around my full time shift pattern and family commitments. Jan noted previous running history including parkrun times and a recent half marathon. This personalised approach really helped as generic plans tend to dictate a long run every Sunday which was not achievable for me. In fact Jan does not consider a long weekly run necessary.

With a 26 week lead in time until the big day Jan set to work drip feeding the interactive plan to me in two week chunks. This worked fantastically for me as had I looked forward too far I might have freaked out at what was coming! Also, I could feed back on each session so the plan could be adapted to suit my needs.

Every mile I ran had a purpose, at times some looked beyond my ability but Jan assured me that the calculations and formulas that she was using were well researched and that the science said they were entirely achievable targets. She was right, I even set a 10k pb. My confidence grew and grew. As the day approached I was really nervous but knew that I was well prepared, Jan had instilled so much confidence in me.

Working with structured training has been a pleasure, I have not only completed a marathon but beyond my own expectations (although to be fair Jan did tell me that it was more than achievable) I completed my first marathon in sub 4 hours. On the journey I have learnt so much about running and my own potential. I’m looking forward to using this knowledge in my future training.
September 2016

Jason Thackeray
I contacted Jan on recommendation as I was running the 2016 Brighton Marathon. It was my first marathon and, originally I just wanted to get round, ideally in under four and a half hours.

Jan created a plan that fitted exactly round a busy work life and my two young kids and tailored my plan so that I quickly but safely built up speed and endurance. I was also entered in the Brighton Half and this was taken in to account.

I finished the marathon in 4.00.05 just five seconds off sub four for my first ever go. During training I also broke my 5K PB and ran 1 hour 46 for the Brighton Half, faster than I ever thought I’d go. What’s more training has been fun, interactive and challenging. You definitely need a #janplan if you’re considering a long distance race.
April 2016

Sharona Harrington
Downslink Ultra 38 Miles – I started 2014 with a series of injuries which wasn’t great so I decided to take up a #Janplan by Jan Lavis.  Jan started by asking how many times a week I wanted to run and how much cross training I do, what my marathon PB and 5k times were. On coming back from injury, I was running too fast, too soon and Jan’s advice was to slow down and build a good base fitness with no speed. This meant Just 30 minutes,  3 times a week to start. I stayed injury free and as the weeks followed, Jan introduced some more distance, speed, fartlek, pick-ups, tempo runs and increased strides.

Jan offered advise all the way through the plan, on training, fuelling, kit and events leading up to the main day and also adapted my plan according to progress and feedback.

The plan worked really we’ll for me and fitted around my lifestyle. Having the plan took the worry out of the race and enabled me to focus on training.  This was my first ultra and I was confident that I would complete it with the training I had done. I managed to complete the Downslink Ultra 38miles in just under 6 hours and was the 3rd lady home. I was made up with the result. I am now looking forward to starting a new  plan for a PB at the Brighton Marathon in 2015.

Hannah Brett
I signed up for the Brighton Marathon 2014 with no real clue on how I’d actually be able to run 26.2 miles. I knew marathon training consisted of long runs increasing in mileage but that’s about it! Without my #Janplan I’d have been lost and I certainly wouldn’t have been able to say that I not only completed my first marathon in a respectable time but I actually ran every one of those 26 miles.

Jan created a unique plan to suit me. It took into account how much time I could feasibly dedicate to training, my fitness levels and included enough variety for me not to get bored or disinterested. Obviously training for my first marathon became a huge focus in my life, my thanks to my #Janplan it didn’t take over my life. I was able to enjoy the training and enjoy the event. For me, that’s the key – because my #Janplan was realistic, it was sustainable. The plan slotted into my life so easily and got me the results I wanted, that I reached the end of my plan wanting another one.

The best part of the #Janplan is Jan herself. Jan wants to see you achieve your goals and wants you to enjoy getting there. Her endless patience and motivation really drove to me to keep training and keep focused, not just for myself but to make her proud on race day too. I’m massively grateful for all Jan’s help and support. I definitely wouldn’t keep seeing improvement beyond that first marathon and be getting more and more new PBs without her. Thanks, Jan! Bring on the next #Janplan…

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